Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Su’scon), was founded by General Manager Johnson Su in 1978. The company specializes in providing solutions associated with the design, R&D, manufacture, and sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Su’scon’s unrivalled experience in capacitor R&D and manufacture and its mission of providing clients with optimal solutions based on outstanding, innovative products as well as quality services have enabled the company to become a reliable strategic partner of its clients.

In the past, we focused on developing aluminum electrolytic capacitor solutions for various industries by adopting emerging techniques and technologies, thereby creating value for our clients.

Henceforth, we will cooperate with our clients to create a better future. With exceptional products, quality services, and extraordinary R&D capability as well as creativity, Su’scon continues to be devoted to its clients from various industries, aiming to become a global capacitor giant and a crucial partner of customers worldwide.

  • Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Founder & CEO : Mr. Johnson Su
  • Founded : October, 1978
  • Employee : 1,300 workers
  • Production Capacity : 380KK pcs/ month

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