Founded in 1984, today’s HONGFA has become the leader in global relay industry.

HONGFA has more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide, and its business covers more than 120 countries and regions, including relays, medium and low voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage complete equipment, connectors, capacitors, precision parts and automation equipment. HONGFA has established three R&D and production bases in China (Xiamen-Zhangzhou, East and West) and a factory in Indonesia, successfully creating the advantage of a complete industrial chain with a complete range of products.

HONGFA is committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and solutions through continuous innovation and unremitting pursuit of high quality to bring people a more comfortable and convenient life.

Brand of Hongfa

  • Create and International- Long lastring
  • The development of the HONGFA brand is based on the quality of its products and globalized customer service.

Production Base

  • Build three R&D and production bases in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Eastern and Western China as well as overseas Indonesian factories to build Hongfa industrial ecosystem.

Manufacturing Industry Chain

  • Hongfa has built a deeply integrated manufacturing industry chain, and has established core advantages that are hard to be imitated in the upstream and downstream basic industries.

Testing and Analysis

  • The testing ability and results of Hongfa testing and analysis laboratory area recognized by VDE of Germany, UL of the United States and CNAs of China, and the test report is internationally recognized by ILAC.

Marketing Network

We have the ability of international market operation and technical service, and can quickly provide products and solutions that can meet the needs of global customer.


HONGFA has established advanced and complete corporate culture after 30 years development. The core value is based on Hongfa corporate spirit, operation philosophy and core values. The benefits of Hongfa and Hongfa employees and social responsibility are closely related to each other. Employees and the company are in harmony from work to life.

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