Xiamen Faratronic Co., Ltd. is a world leading professional film capacitor manufacturer. Since 1955 we have been a key global supplier for manufacturing film capacitors. Our foundation of expertise is in innovation, quality, service and management. The company adheres to the “middle and high-end market strategy”. Faratronic’s global supplier market is in industrial, PV, wind power, EV/HEV, Traction, smart grid, home appliances and lighting.

Faratronic will act as “film capacitor industry leader” and will drive the film capacitor brilliance into the next century.

  • Professional Film Capacitors
    Manufacturer in the world.
  • Establish date: May, 1955
  • Employee: 3750
  • Ground Area: 228,000 sq. meters
  • Total Asset: 728.01 million USD